Requirements for Fee Receipts


How do I calculate my withholdings? How much do you gonna pay me? Will the entire amount fall into my account? What is the net? We review the details that must be met.

H ace few years, until the receipts were part d and our letter and we could look even sophisticated designs to make fee receipts.

Today, thanks to the technology since the tax authorities have radically changed the requirements , most of the taxpayers, we only look for the best alternative to prepare the receipts, and what is less is the design of the same.

For this reason, it is important to consider the current elements to prepare the fee receipts :

  • Choose an authorized provider. The official list is located inside the SAT portal, and you can even choose the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) as the provider.
  • C with an updated electronic signature , in addition to having at hand for the issuance, the two files provided by the SAT, that is, the .cer and .key , as well as the password.
  • Include RFC of the issuer.
  • R specify tax EGIME the taxpayer.
  • If you have more than one tax address, provide the one that is issuing the receipt.
  • Include the RFC of the person in favor of whom it is issued.
  • Tax domicile of who is issued.
  • Place and date of issue.
  • Indicate if it is income, discharge or credit note.
  • Indicate how the payment is made, this is in a single exhibition, in partialities, as well as the means used to generate the payment such as transfer, check, cash, among others.
  • Quantity, unit of measure, class of goods or merchandise or description of the service.
  • Fee or unit value.
  • Calculate VAT of the unit value, which must be equivalent to 16% of the value of the fee.
  • Calculate income tax, which is equivalent to 10% of the original amount without including VAT.
  • Calculate VAT retention, which must be equivalent to 10.6667% of the original amount without including VAT.
  • Once the amounts have been obtained, the sum must be specified:

Fees + VAT = Subtotal – Withholding Tax – Withholding VAT = Net

  • This net amount must be expressed in monetary units, in number and text.


We present an example below :


We present an example below :

Suppose a person is paid $ 1,000.00 pesos, the individual needs to know how much they are receiving in their account.


The other concepts and requirements such as dimensional bar code, folio approval number, folio number and other specifications must be provided by the chosen supplier, since most of them are data that can not be manipulated by the taxpayer, and grant immediately with the issuance thereof.

In conclusion, thanks to the technological process applied to tax collection, we can see that it is very easy to prepare receipts, the only thing that must be meticulously taken care of is the calculation of each of the amounts included and paying special attention to withholding. Once these data are known, it only remains to calculate the concepts of the receipts and invoice!

EXPLANATORY NOTE . Dear reader, I mention that the creditable VAT will be for the person who is requesting the issuance of the receipt and the VAT payable belongs to the issuer (natural person) . Finally, it is important to point out that when a physical person renders some professional service he must issue his receipt of fees in favor of the moral person , for which he must comply with the guidelines stipulated by the authority.



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